ABDI and AEP Energy Partnership

The Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois (ABDI) and AEP Energy have partnered to offer your business electricity savings.

ABDI and AEP Energy proudly announce an exclusive partnership to offer electricity supply and energy efficiency solutions to members. This ABDI and AEP Energy partnership extends saving on electricity supply, renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. AEP Energy will customize a program for ABDI members to help you save money and use less energy.

"This is a great opportunity for distributors to save money on their energy needs. AEP Energy can negotiate a lower energy rate and perform an audit to provide a proposal for additional energy efficient savings. Part of ABDI's mission is to provide distributors with programs to meet their needs."


–Bill Olson, President, ABDI

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When contacting AEP Energy, please mention you are a member of this partnership.

Get a FREE Electricity Quote

AEP Energy can turn your monthly electric bill into a competitive advantage for your business by using a customized approach to electricity procurement and management. AEP Energy provides assistance in choosing the right energy product to fit your risk and price preference.

Why Choose AEP Energy?

  • AEP Energy offers a variety of products, price plans, and services that can be tailored to your business' energy needs and usage patterns.
  • Our energy experts will develop a free customized energy proposal once we receive a copy of your business' electricity bill.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

AEP Energy will assist you in evaluating your energy needs. Beginning with a thorough analysis of your current systems, our experts will conduct an on-site audit that results in a tailored proposal detailing energy efficiency opportunities, payback analysis and environmental benefits.

AEP Energy's dedicated energy managers will assist your business directly. Please fax or email a copy of your electricity bill or request a quote online. When contacting AEP Energy, please mention you are a member of this partnership.